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Stadium Review: The Wish List

On to the wish list - stadiums I've yet to visit.

The Wish List

1. The Yankee Stadium - New York, New York The home of the most prolific franchise in the history of sports? And I haven't been yet? Crazy, it's true, but all the time I've spent in New York, about a month total, has been during the winter. At the top of my list of places to go, preferably when the Red Sox are in town. No doubt worth whatever outrageous price I'd have to pay to get inside.

2. Fenway Park - Boston, Massachusetts I've -seen- Fenway Park, but I haven't attended a game at Fenway. That's going to change this summer. The girlfriend and I have firm plans to attend this summer. Just don't ask me when.

3. Heinz Field and PNC Park - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The Steelers are my team, so my desire to visit Heinz Field is self-explanatory. I no longer root for the Pirates, however. My desire to visit PNC Park comes from the universally excellent reviews of the stadium - consistently listed among the best to catch a game in all of baseball. Also firmly planned for this summer.

4. Cameron Indoor Stadium - Durham, North Carolina  I've walked through Cameron when no game was being played, but I want to see the "best atmosphere in college hoops" up close and personal. Is it as exciting and jacked up as they say? Are the chants on the right side of cool or not? Heckling is a tricky business. This is something I want to check out.

5. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium- Gainesville, Florida I love my Longhorns, obviously, but I've got a lot of respect for SEC football. It's a way of life there, too, and I think The Swamp may be the right place to start, as its widely cited as the loudest stadium in the country. DKR-Memorial is embarrassingly quiet at times, though part of that is due to the lack of competition coming to Austin these days. That should change this September when Ohio State comes to play. If I don't leave DKR signing with my friends because we can't hear ourselves talk anymore, I'll be hugely disappointed.

Honorable Mention Petco Park (San Diego Padres new home; looks gorgeous), Boston Garden (Retired; damn!), RCA Dome, Indianapolis (During a Colts home game - is it as loud as they say?), Rosenblatt Stadium (They don't call us the University of Texas at Omaha for nothing)

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