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Morning Coffee

*The NBA playoffs have been freaking amazing. I'm not an NBA junkie, but I've always loved the playoffs. And this year, especially, has been just terrific. Not since Miller Time captured my imagination in my younger years have I been so enthralled by playoff hoops. Last night's action was tremendous, as the Spurs-Mavs Game 7 was a true classic. And Bill Simmons was right - there's a changing of the guard under way. The Spurs, for all their might, aren't as well built for dominance as they were under the previous NBA rules. And to be honest, I'm happy for the Mavs, despite my deep respect and admiration for Tim Duncan, Greg Popovich, and the Spurs organization. Mark Cuban, for all his goofiness, has earned this, and I'm extremely happy to see Dirk moving on.

Further, this sets up an epic Western Conference finals with Mavs-Suns. Dirk-Nash. Offense-Offense. Let's face it: Mavericks and Suns is a more intriguing matchup.

Not since Miller Time have the playoffs been so exciting for me to watch.

*54b poses a question for the business traveler.

*Kyle on mascots.

*As was beginning to be discussed in the diaries, the Titans are tinkering with some option packages to take advantage of Vince Young's unique skill set. Allow me to play myth buster for a moment...

Myth: The Titans should have drafted Matt Leinart because he'll be ready sooner to help the team than Vince Young.

Fact: Um, no. Even if you factor in the fact that there's a whole lotta learning to do, Leinart -still- would have needed at least one year on the bench. Even if you concede that Vince will need a year or two, also, to learn the complex new offense, you can still use him RIGHT AWAY in strategic situations. For example... in the red zone. Where NFL teams usually stall as the defense clamps down on the shorter field. Odds are pretty good that Norm Chow is starting to realize what a fun new toy he has. Young will be a while before he's ready to be a full time starter, but he can contribute right away. Have fun, Norm. Thank your lucky stars (read: GM) for taking Young.

*Freaking crazy old ladies.