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Horns Pound Bears 16-8

The Longhorns scored 16 runs on 20 hits on Thursday night to blow out the Baylor Bears in the round robin portion of the Big 12 Tournament. Amazingly, just 4 of Texas' 20 hits went for extra bases. The barrage of singles was more than Baylor could handle, despite scoring 8 runs themselves.

Texas used pitching and defense to win the first game of the round robin, then turned to offense for game two. A dash of salt, a dash of pepper - either way, Texas is 2-0 in the round robin and will face Nebraska for the right to play in the Big 12 championship. The two wins likely secure Texas a home superregional in the NCAA tourney as well, which is the real prize.

As for Coach Augie, Andrew, I love the guy, and he -clearly- is an elite baseball manager. He does a terrific job at so many things; most importantly, teaching these kids how to win. One thing he does that annoys me is lays down sacrifice bunts with capable batters at the plate. It's a proven fact that giving up the out isn't worth it. I'm nitpickig here, so don't get too worked up. It just needs to be said: Sacrifice bunting is generally a bad idea, useful in certain clearly defined situations, almost all of which involve a pitcher or a late inning.

Regardless, Texas now faces #15 ranked Nebraska on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. The game will be televised on Fox Sports Net, for those of you in the region who can watch. Augie was tactically right on the mark in his pitcher usage; by holding ace Kyle McCulloch through the first two games, he now can throw him in the finale of the round robin against Texas' best opponent.

Speaking of terrific tactical moves by Augie, one thing he does better than -anybody- is get his teams to peak at the right time. He treats the regular season as a time to groom for the postseason, and nobody does it better. He's Phil Jackson-esque in that regard, and the Horns couldn't ask for much better in terms of preparedness to win national titles. Best yet, Coach Augie openly states that the national title is the only goal at hand. After the Horns won the regular season Big 12 title, he practically blew it off, saying the national title was all that mattered. Now -that- I like.

Hook 'Em Horns!