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The Weblogging Disclosure Statement

As usual, Kyle nails it. Prompted by my interview with Kirk Bohls and my subsequent response, Kyle proposed that bloggers offer a disclosure statement for their readers. I concur with both Kyle and Kirk: some measure of accountability and/or disclosure of the author's background and biases are a good idea.

So let's do it.

Burnt Orange Nation is the bigger, stronger, and better child of All Things Longhorn. That blog was created almost two years ago by Andrew Wiggins and myself, Peter Bean, as a way for us to discuss Longhorns sports with each other and our friends, despite the fact that many of us were scattered about the country.

Andrew and I were both born and raised in Austin and both graduated from the University of Texas. We are unabashed Texas supporters, though we tend to be more critical than most. We always intend our criticism to be constructive, and we unfailingly support our rich tradition of excellence in both athletics and academics. Even when being critical, we remain dedicated Longhorn fans.

We sign our names with our initials because our employers would be horrified if they realized how much time we spend on this venture. Still, we are always able to be reached, either by leaving comments on the blog, or by sending us an email (which you can find in the left column of the blog).

So there you have it. This is who we are, where we came from, and what this whole site is all about.

Lastly, those that have visited this site with any regularity know that the readers make the site great, instead of merely good. We genuinely thank you.