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A Reggie Bush Conspiracy?

I'm not much of one for conspiracy theories. I suppose it's just my nature - I'm one of the least cynical people you'll ever meet. I did, however, hear an interesting one recently that's certainly topical, and momentarily had me wondering. Not for too long, though.

The Conspiracy According to the conspiracy theorist, the reason the Houston Texans passed on Reggie Bush was because the NFL ordered them to do so. Why? So that the struggling Saints of the debilitated city of New Orleans could have something fun and beautiful to behold.

The payoff? The supposed kickback is that outgoing Texans GM Chuck Casserly would get to be the new commissioner of the NFL!

The Reality Like most conspiracy theories, this one's full of big holes. For one: How, exactly, does that benefit the Texans? They lose Bush and their crappy GM gets to be NFL Commissioner? I'm not sure how that benefits them.

Further, this article neatly outlines what really has happened with Reggie Bush (Hat Tip: Wiz). Bush is simply suffering from poor management, not grand conspiracies.

As always, they're fun to think about, but rarely, if ever, true.