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Morning Coffee

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*The majority of the 2006 football recruits arrived in Austin yesterday. This isn't really news, just another data point for why TexasSports is a pretty lousy way to get much hard-hitting Texas stuff.

*Paragon SC, whom many of you have gotten to know through this very site, has joined the blogosphere with a USC blog. Go ahead and check it out now. Congrats, Jim!

*The 614 starts a very interesting thread for someone to run with. That someone is not me - my knowledge of boxing is barely passable.

*EDSBS throws down the rules for weblogging. Two words for them: PISS OFF! (Was that loud enough?)

*The AJC's Mark Bradley is already busting out the predictions. I'll spare you the read; here's the sum: Georgia Tech's gonna be up, Notre Dame is overrated, and Ohio State's gonna hand it to Texas (and everyone else). We shall see.