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Water Cooler Talk

You know our thoughts on the role of the narrative in college football by now. And as there's a great little conversation going on in the diaries right now about how things might unfold, let's pull it to the main page for more water cooler talk.

[If you plan on using your comment to whine about it being too early, don't. We know. We absolutely don't care. This is a blog. For chatting. And wasting time at work. Thanks.]

Comment starter: we'll have our predominant narrative on September 9th. The moment that Texas-Ohio State ends, the winner will be crowned the "leader of the pack." It's gonna happen.

Also on September 9th, Notre Dame will have a chance to be 2-0, with victories over Georgia Tech and Penn State. If it happens (not a gimme, but probable), your narrative will be set. Either:

Scenario 1 - Ohio State beats Texas: Rematch of the Fiesta Bowl! Notre Dame-Ohio State II


Scenario 2 - Texas beats Ohio State: Defending champs wait for Irish!

I personally am not sure Notre Dame can get through that schedule unscathed, but that'll be the early narrative. Count on it.