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Afternoon Tea

*Posts like this one are why Student Body Right remains the standard bearer for USC blogs. Amidst all that success, they were one of the few that were proud and excited, yet never excessively boastful to the point of obnoxiousness, or plain delirium. They've been on a bit of an offseason hiatus, but I look forward to their return.

*Two new additions to the blog roll.  As always, most of these are long overdue. RD Baker writes his Cheap Seats blog well, covering Texas Tech and the Big 12 as he works on his first novel.

Orange 44 covers Syracuse with terrific wit. And he gave us curling updates. Bonus points. (Congratulations to him, as well, on getting the J.D.)

*Brian got around to answering the most recent Blog Poll questions. As always, lots of nodding over here.

*ESPN's Bruce Feldman ranks Texas the #1 football state in the country on his blog ($). The entire thing is practically ruined, though, by the freaking lead picture on ESPN:

Yeah, this is what makes it great.