UT/OU Update

UT and OU to keep series in Dallas thru 2010. Here's the story from

Texas and Oklahoma officials have agreed to a new five-year contract that will keep their football series at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas until 2010, a source close to the negotiations said. Both schools had a current deal that ran through 2008, but both teams could opt out of the contract after the 2007 game. This new deal would effectively replace the old one and begin this season, the source said.
An official announcement could come either late today or Friday.
Rumors have swirled about the future of the Red River Rivalry, a game that's been an annual Dallas tradition since 1929.
In late January, the Oklahoma board of regents gave athletic director Joe Castiglione permission to seek a long-term deal. Texas' position, however, was unknown. School officials there said something would be known by late May.
UT and OU officials have asked the city to make substantial upgrades to the aging facility. City officials have proposed a $50-million renovation that would push capacity beyond 90,000. But both schools were willing to move the series to a home-and-home basis.

I guess it wasn't over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor.

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