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Andy Katz: Confused

Andy Katz weighs in on the limbo surrounding the Horns as Rick Barnes waits to see whether PJ Tucker and Daniel Gibson actually head to the pros. It's a decent article, but there's one hysterical bit in there that's worth sharing. Writes Katz:

The Longhorns already are banking on rising sophomore Connor Atchley to replace Aldridge by adding more strength and getting more run next season.

Pardon me while I laugh hysterically, Andy. Rick Barnes has his faults, but he's not mentally retarded. If he's banking on Connor Atchley to "replace Aldridge," then I'm a viable candidate for nose tackle for Mack Brown this fall. Atchley was beyond useless - he was a detriment to the team when he was on the floor. No one is going to "replace" Aldridge, and -certainly- not Atchley. Get a grip on reality, Katz.

He doesn't look like Aldridge to me

Meanwhile, Tucker is pretty much a sure thing to have seen his last days in Austin, though I'm less sure about Gibson. I'd still say it's a 50-50 proposition whether he returns or not. We'll watch closely.