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Quick Hits: Lots o' Stuff

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*ESPN nominates 20 moments as the greatest in sports television history. Vince Young's Rose Bowl heroics made the list. Can't say I disagree, though I sure as hell am glad I was actually there.

*The Horns swept Kansas as they wind down the regular season. The Horns will conclude with a three game set against Missouri, then prepare for the postseason. We'll have a full update later in the week.

*Darrell Arthur is annoying. Texas is presumed to be out of the picture at this point. Whatever.

*Vince Young impressed his new coaches on the first day of practice.

*Michael Huff, too

*Doug weighs in with some advice for the douche who keyed his car.

*Kyle is still hard at work tweaking the conference realignment proposals.

*CFR handicaps the USC scandals for us.