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Morning Coffee

*There's a riotous exchange raging over in the diaries between TBone and 54b. Side-splitting humor touching on topics that range from the Land O' Lakes girl to a "Full House" museum. I'm not kidding.

*Speaking of raging fun, Joey is back from London. I dare say he would enjoy the above diary exchange... And 54b and TBone would do well to read his London recap. Great stuff.

*Kyle's taking suggestions for his next poll question. And wouldn't you figure, the one day I don't link to Dawg Sports, he nearly hits the trifecta.

*Brian's entire front page is buried in Pistons live blogging. I went on record predicting a 10 point Pistons victory, so I was pleased on many levels last night. I have no idea whether there are many Pistons, or heat, or NBA fans here at BON, but I'm offering up a game summary later today anyway. There were some key adjustments made in last night's game.

*For the soccer fans in the group, LD is back with his World Cup previews. Terrific stuff. Remember, sports fans: once every four years. Enjoy it. (And drink lots of Pepsi!)

*SBN College continues to expand, this time with another SEC member. Nico, whom you may have met here at BON, has fired up Roll Bama Roll. Complete with the best website logo, save ours, of course.