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Afternoon Tea

*The incomparable Fanblogs stunned us with some big news today: they've been bought by Rivals. A few things need to be said here. First, wow. Congratulations to Kevin and Pete, who do a terrific job and paved the way for sports blogs just like this one. When Fanblogs links to something you've written, you notice right away. There's a distinct spike in traffic.

Second, kudos to Rivals for a terrific acquisition. We've been preaching a lot lately about the need for savvy media businesses to partner -with- blogs, rather than shudder in fear. A terrific move by Rivals.

*Your afternoon hilarity brought to you by The House That Rock Built, who provides us with two bits of comic gold. In this post alone, we get a story about Carson Palmer's cornhole(!), as well as some USC homoeroticism. Which is all you can really ask for.

*EDSBS doing more terrific stuff. Today they've got a podcast interview with the Houston Chronicle's John Lopez, who writes a terrific sports blog. Bonus: Orson went out of his way to make sure the podcast was filled with only Texas music. And you wonder why they're the best and fastest growing sports blog around.

*Lastly, the Reggie Bush scandal heats up, as both Bruins Nation and The Wiz give us updates on the FBI's possible involvement in the investigation. The Wiz says: B.S. alarm blaring loudly.