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Morning Coffee

*Don't know if anyone else is watching, but I'm in full World Cup mode. I'm certainly no soccer junkie, but I enjoy this competition. My general rule is: root for upsets and nations with GDPs smaller than Alabama's. As such, the keeper for Trinidad and Tobago, a backup named Shaka Hislop, is my new favorite player. He's saving everything that comes at him and keeping TnT in the game. The Swiss are getting visibly frustrated.

Update [2006-6-10 13:54:16 by HornsFan]: TnT didn't pull off the win, but they managed to secure a tie, 0-0, which might as well have been a win. The Swedish fans look like they lost 6-0, while TnT is partying like they just won the entire Cup. They were HUGE underdogs and played a terrific match, highlighted by Hislop's amazing play in the net. Congrats to Trinidad and Tobago and Shaka Hislop.

*Speaking of the Cup, this is an interesting way to think about the Cup, and if you need a blog to keep you abreast of everything, this is a fine place to start. Unbelievably: another Georgia blog.

*I hadn't noticed, but at some point in the last week or two, we passed 200,000 visits to the site. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

*For the first time since 1993, Michael Jordan is not the most popular athlete in America. This year, it's Tiger Woods. And appearing for the first time ever in the Top Ten? Barry Bonds. And they said Bonds on Bonds was a flop? Me thinks not.

*Luke Winn says Daniel Gibson's been guaranteed a second round choice, which explains his skipping the Orlando draft camp. He's gone, folks. Don't hold out hope; embrace the new group of stars. (Thanks to EYESofBEVO for the link.)