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Afternoon Tea

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*Michael Griffin is on the preseason "Watch List" for the Bronko Nagurski Award (best defensive player). He's an excellent candidate, though I agree with Bruce Feldman: where are Frank Okam and Tim Crowder?

*Lots of Longhorn awardees of late: Deloss Dodds (Athletics Director), Mario Sategna (assistant track and field coach), and Cat Osterman (Honda Award: top collegiate softball player).

*The Big 12 is not that strong at QB this year, as this Rivals' article illustrates. With Vince Young's departure, Rhett Bomar yet to prove anything, and a new guy in the Texas Tech revolving door, Iowa State's Bret Meyer is voted the conference's best.

*The talent at tailback, however, is a different story. ESPN's Todd McShay slots OU's Peterson, and our own Jamaal Charles at #1 and #3 in the nation, respectively. There's a big dropoff after that, though Iowa State's Stevie Hicks is no slouch. This is definitely the Cyclones year to make a run at the Big 12 North. If they don't do it this year, they never will.