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Morning Coffee

*The race for four-star prospect Blaine Irby heats up as he visits Austin this week. The competition for Irby's talents supposedly has come down to Texas and Arizona State, which seems like a mismatch, but you never know. Irby video reels here.

*We've been so busy congratulating ourselves for our success at Texas lately that we haven't had much of a chance to congratulate others. So, a special congratulations to all those Georgia fellas who've been so kind over the last year: congratulations on the CWS berth. Kyle sums the victory here, and my congrats extend to PWD, LD, Michael, Realist, Kanu, and Doug. (Along with wanting to congratulate all these guys that link to BON regularly, I wanted y'all to see how freaking good the Georgia blogger universe has become. Wow.)

*BevoSports has a nice sum of the men's track championship, including video of Jamaal Charles' 100 meter sprint.

*This week's Ask CFN is kind to the Horns. Olin picks Texas for the Big 12 title, questioning the ability of Oklahoma to win with an inferior offensive line.