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Morning Coffee

*Lots of people expressing concern for lost security deposits of late. First, here at Burnt Orange Nation, readers warn of March Madness perils. Oddly, The 614 brough up security deposits, too, fearing this year's Michigan-tOSU game will be dangerous for his car.

*I turned off Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night with the Mavs up 12 and 5 minutes to play. Only this morning, in checking my brother's Steelers blog, did I discover they'd blown the game. What a monumental collapse. I can't fathom Miami winning this series, but that's a painful loss for Mavs fans. Wow.

*Speaking of the Steelers, now that Ben Roethlisberger's condition has been upgraded to fair, expect a lot more posts like this one. You won't find a bigger Steelers fan than me, but I won't get in the way. Just unbelievably stupid.

*Deadspin can do wonders for your website with a nod your way. It can also blow things up. If you missed Orson's ASU PPPreview, you'll have to wait a bit.

*The 'Pologist has a find on the best teams of each decade, which got me to thinking about a nice little race shaping up between Texas and USC. With the head-to-head victory in 2005, and no down years yet in the decade, Texas is right up there with the Trojans for the 2000s. Other programs to watch: Oklahoma, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Ohio State.

*Daktronics executives, makers of UT's new gigondo automotron, are concerned about hurting USC's feelings, deciding not to run replays of the Rose Bowl on a huge replica of Texas' new scoreboard. Pardon me while I roll my eyes. Maybe someone should let Daktronics know that Matt Leinart doesn't even think we won that game. For crying out loud: rub it in. (HT: DaWiz)

*Finally, a happy anniversary to SMQ, who celebrates a year of sharp commentary and colorful writing on college football. Quickly (and rightfully) earning a devoted readership, SMQ remains a daily read. Congrats to Matt on a trying, but very successful, year.