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Morning Coffee

*For those that aren't Rivals subscribers, here's a free list of their Top 100. Fun especially if you like to see the word "Texas" a lot.

*Kansas State's leading rusher, Thomas Clayton, has been suspended for the season opener. Of course, they open against Illinois State, so whatever. This seems like an appropriate time to draw your attention to It's A Definite Maybe, a terrificly witty blog, who notes that K-State has plans to return to its glory days.

*The Kansas City Star has been lapping the competitors with its series on the Big 12 conference. The most recent entry notes the conference is making plenty of money, which is, of course, the point.

*Carson Kainer needs a kidney transplant. Best wishes for the young slugger.

*Finally, someone putting those cool Google maps to good use.

*On a related note, I admire this ambitious project. If he ever makes it to Austin, we'll have to help make sure he gets in to DKR.

*The BlogPoll roundtable generating lots of interesting answers, including SMQ, who agrees with me that Boston College may be the team under the radar to keep an eye on.

*Paragon SC has an interesting idea involving out of conference game rotations among BCS conferences. Take a look and see what you think.

*And lastly, turning to a blog that's been so long overdue on the Blog Roll: Nathan's busy with his mascot series, focusing today's entry on the Big 12. By and large, the Big 12's mascots don't suck, according to Nathan. I personally hate the Cheat Wagon of Oklahoma, but Nathan gives 'em a pass. A fun piece.