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Morning Coffee

Busy at work right now, so just a couple quick notes/comment starters to get things going today.

*It -finally- makes sense to make a Michael Jordan comp. It didn't work with Kobe, nor is it appropriate (at least yet) with Lebron. But it is with Wade. Why? Because the referees have officially decided you can't guard him without fouling him. THAT, I'm afraid, is MJ. Last night's game was a disgrace. The Mavericks got jobbed.

*On the other end of the spectrum is the U.S. Open Championship of Golf. Phil can't blame anyone but himself. It was a historic, gigantic choke. If Phil hadn't won the last two Masters, this would be the biggest story in golf of the last decade. It was that bad. Because Phil's won a couple majors, it's not quite the same story.

Wiggins' preview was both prescient and well off the mark, as he whiffed on Tiger, but correctly guessed that the champion would finish above par. If you had Ogilvy as champion, of course, you should probably be handicapping this stuff professionally.

*Lots of terrific World Cup action this weekend, highlighted by the United States' riveting match with Italy. For full Cup Coverage, refer to any of the links in the right column of the main page, under the World Cup Central heading.