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Morning Coffee

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*I was hoping someone would get this ball rolling. Kyle previews the previews. Of the three he bought, two picked Notre Dame to win it all. As Vegas sets lines to create action, sporting annuals pick champions to sell copies. Which makes you wonder what in the hell Athlon's was thinking.

*Bob asked us who won the Motivational Poster contest. There were a lot of great entries to choose from, but TBone took the cake.

As much as I don't want to mail a t-shirt across the ocean to London, I will. Nice work, TBone.

*Just as the riotous and endlessly entertaining diary exchange mentioned yesterday was slipping down off the main page, 54b did the sensible thing and continued it with a fresh diary. I eagerly await TBone's response.

*Cat, baby! The Lady Horns jumped up on Cat Osterman's shoulders and rode her to a 2-0 opening round victory at the College World Series. Cat was pure gas, fanning 18 over 7 innings of one hit ball. For those who need help with the math, that's 18 of 21 outs recorded by the whiff, a College World Series record. Osterman's career record now sits at 38-2. Which, incidentally, would be Vince Young's record by week eight of this year. As is, he moved on to the pros at 30-2.

*If you're in Austin today, duck out of work early and catch the baseball team's opening postseason game, today at 3:00. The Horns open up against Texas-Arlington today at the Disch.  We'll have a brief preview later today.