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Afternoon Tea

*Holy crap! No sooner do I mention that we'd been getting hits on Google searches for "Jamaal Charles-Cat Osterman dating", then I stumble across this interview with Cat in which she says as much. (Hat Tip to Bevo Sports for the article) Jamaal Charles was with Cat Osterman?!? And our worship for him prior to learning this was astronomical. Now it's... not to be spoken of here. I'm still holding out for a New York Times quote.

*Joel, who you may remember gave us the ridiculously cool Animated Race to the BCS, offers a visual toy for Orson. Very, very cool Joel. If you want to do the second half of the greatest game ever played, we won't object.

*Nestor with a terrific piece weighing in on the state of the blogsophere. Very well written and thought out.

*I was going to write something on Dirk Nowitzki's other-worldly performance, but Bill Simmons' Friday column just released. He's got it covered.