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Morning Coffee

*Kanu strikes me as someone I'd enjoy playing a round of golf with. Our taste in sports, and writing about them, align neatly. If you're not reading Dodgy , you should be.

*It's -almost- a problem that there are so many quality Michigan blogs to keep an eye on. I say that because there are times when terrific posts slip under my radar. Fortunately, I caught Johnny's recent entry on why he writes about sports; it's among the most thoughtful, nod-producing posts I've read in some time. You'd do well to take a few minutes to read it.

*Four World Cup matches today, two of which I'll be watching very closely. First, my adopted heroes, the Soca warriors from TnT, have a chance to advance if they defeat Paraguay and the English knock out Sweden. The English have already secured their spot in the next round, so they don't -have- to win today. TnT says they're confident England will come out and play to win; I certainly hope so.

*Coming up later today on BON: our interview with ESPN's Ivan Maisel, who took to heart my advice that he be as sassy as possible in his answers, plus our look at Mack Brown and big games continues with the 2000 season and the Holiday Bowl letdown versus Oregon.