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Morning Coffee

*We're not the only ones out knocking on doors for interviews. Buckeye Commentary, a fantastic Ohio State blog, recently chatted with ESPN's Bruce Feldman. It's a great interview, which doesn't surprise me much: Bruce Feldman may be the least blogophobic MSM college football journalist out there. Longhorn fans should take note of his early prediction - Ohio State beats Texas in a high scoring game.

*Our colleagues at Bruins Nation have a fun guide to tailgating.

*The Wiz gives us the early scoop on the 2007 Big Ten TV channel.

*Lastly, I guess a congratulations to Dwyane Wade are in order. If the refs helped the Heat a little too much in Games 3 and 5, last night was a pure victory for Wade and the Heat. On the road, with reasonable officiating, they won. The title is theirs. It's a shame for the Mavericks, who should have beaten them, but we learned an important lesson about the NBA this playoffs: coaching still matters. A lot.

Pat Riley took Avery Johnson behind the shed in this series, and Avery had been doing quite well up until the Finals. The Pistons couldn't handle an eminently beatable Heat team either; I'm entirely convinced that Flip Saunders is half the reason why.

Regardless, the NBA draws to a conclusion and we're left with baseball and the long countdown to college football season. Which must suck for those of you who don't like baseball.

*Later today on BON: a review of the painful 2001 season, as well as a knock on the inevitable Mack Brown Sucks Without Vince articles you're gonna start seeing soon.