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Afternoon Tea

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*Jeremy Piven made the sports news after he was invited to sing the traditional "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" for the Chicago Cubs. In typical Jeremy Piven fashion, he made a funny, opening with "Let's hug it out, you little bitches!" (Hat Tip: Curtain)

*The Horns may be close to signing their 22nd(!) prep star, as Rivals reports California tight end prospect Blane Irby loved his visit to Austin.

*Nice timing for our current discussions: Chris Simms is a daddy. Rivals not yet reporting which schools he's interested in. Texas doubtful to be on the short list.

*The Tennessean with the scoop on the Vince Young reality show. I will absolutely watch. Again, all together now: Houston Texans=stoopid.

*Impressive scheduling in Norman. A tip of the cap to Bob Stoops.

*Texas ace Kyle McCulloch has reached a deal with his new employer, the Chicago White Sox. Not a bad organization to start with, Kyle.

*Another dip into the pencil jar. Another excellent preview. The drought continues. 78 days, and counting.