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You Really Can Buy Anything On eBay

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Proof positive that the new eBay 'it' campaign is working wonders, this time courtesy of your very own University of Texas Athletics Department. As we all know, the most gigondo automotron in the universe (literally) is being built for DKR. Well, some physicist sometime said something like "If one thing is coming to Point A, what was previously in Point A must move."

So, yeah. The old scoreboard's gotta go. And the university wants to sell you a piece of it!

Circled in yellow is the piece of the scoreboard you can buy!

So get your bids in now, Longhorn fans! Own a piece of history! Even if you don't want the giant Longhorn, do your part to donate some money to our financially limping athletic department.

Help petition the Sunday Morning Quarterback! No more Longhorn bias!