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Afternoon Tea

*Kyle has a funny take on Chris Simms' becoming a father.

*Michael's gut is prescient. I hope his inner voice is predicting a Texas football title, too.

*The Big 12 Bowl Affiliations may be the nation's best.

*CFB News has the Top 50 coaches you'd want hired to run your program. Not that CFB News provides indisputable proof of anything, but their capsule on Mack Brown, who they rank at #8, pretty much sums up why the `Pologist is, well, a retread.

8. Mack Brown, Texas - He's beaten Oklahoma.  He's won the Big 12.  And he's brought the national championship back to the Lone Star State.  Maybe now folks outside Texas can appreciate what Brown has done for the Longhorns.  Vilified for years for not being able to win the big game, he's all that is right in college coaching.  He cares about his kids, runs a clean program and creates a home-away-from-home type atmosphere.  Oh yeah, he's also won more than 80% of his games in Austin, including the last two Rose Bowls.  Brown hasn't been under .500 in a season since 1989 and has won at least nine games in 12 of the last 14 years.

Eight-Year Record at UT: 83-19 (5-3 in bowl games)
Eight-Year Record Before He Arrived: 56-36-2 (1-3 in bowl games)
Career Record: 169-93-1 (8-6 in bowl games)

The `Pologist used my Mack Brown bowl review as evidence that Brown's not a good coach. I don't even have to tell you how silly that is, do I? The review is only up to 2001, the criticisms are legit but limited, and in no case do they suggest an average, or merely good, coach. And we haven't even gotten to Mack's best years. Whipping around the `Pologist is pretty much Fish::Barrel::Gun, so don't take this as boasting.

*The video of Texas QB recruit John Brantley that's up at Rivals right now is breathtaking. He looks special, folks. If you're a subscriber, go check it out now.

*Coming up later today at BON: Part 2 of our review of the 2001 season.