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Desperate Times Call For...

Update [2006-6-26 15:17:31 by HornsFan]: Okay Horns fans - we're at 187 signatures. Not bad at all. We gotta get to 300, though. This won't be hard if we all pitch in and work together. Let's get this over with quickly - everyone get the petition URL below and get 2-4 of your Horns fans to sign it. Nice and easy. Then we'll move on to regular business, and enjoy Matt's preview.


I'm fairly certain we're about to set a college football blogosphere precedent here, and I'm happy about it. Yes, as we approach nearly 80 days of terrific college football previewing from the Sunday Morning Quarterback, the agony of waiting for a Texas Longhorns preview has become a burden I cannot bear alone.

I've thought long and hard about what could be done to urge - nay, demand! - Matt give our beloved Longhorns the full dressdown, and finally came up with it... A petition!

Yes, the first ever Petition SMQ To Preview Your Team has been created! And now we need your help!

Sign the petition today!

Update [2006-6-22 20:54:49 by HornsFan]: Matt saw this post and sent me an email, which I'll copy verbatim for you:

"I'll promise only this: if you deliver 300 signatures, a Texas preview goes up within two days of its delivery to my inbox. Scout's Blogger's honor. That's 300 LEGIT signatures...


Okay, Matt. It's on. Do your part, readers. You're one step ahead in life if you can eliminate chance from the equation. We've done that - our fate no longer rests in a giraffe shaped pencil jar. Sign the petition.

Update [2006-6-23 13:40:47 by HornsFan]: We've reached 100 signatures in less than 24 hours, so we're off to a nice start. Still, we gotta get to 300, so sign now if you haven't yet.