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Conspicuously Missing

An interesting thing happened today as I crawled through ESPN's Insider college football stories. In stumbling across Todd McShay's Top 25 players at each position, I came across a potentially telling bit of news.

If the game of college football is "won in the trenches," you'd like to see a couple three players from each of your offensive and defensive line among the nation's Top 25.

For Texas, good news on both sides of the ball. On the defensive line, McShay ranks tackle Frank Okam at #8, as well as ends Brian Robison (#13) and Tim Crowder (#15). Always nice to see that someone thinks three of your starters are among the top 15 in the country.

On the offensive line, the news is just as rosy. McShay ranks Texas tackle Justin Blalock #1, guard Kasey Studdard #11, and center center Lyle Seindlein #20.

But you knew those kids were among the nation's best. What's most interesting is the conspicuous absence of players from Texas top two challengers this season - Oklahoma and Ohio State. Only Ohio State defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock cracks the top 25. Oklahoma doesn't sniff either list.

You know which school comes closest to matching Texas impressive showing on the lists? Yep, USC.

Only time will tell if Texas or USC has what it takes to get back to the title game, but it sure would make a heck of a story if the two teams re-matched, only this time with freshmen behind center.

This season -cannot- start soon enough.