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Site News: Blog Roll Update

It's time to note a few updates to the Blog Roll. As always, most of these are long overdue.

*Nathan writes a fantastic Georgia Tech blog over at Golden Tornado. It's a great mix of humor and analysis, and well worth a regular visit.

*There are so many different flavors of blogs, such that no matter your taste, there's undoubtedly something out there for you. For some, it's wild humor. Others want stat-driven, hard-hitting analysis. I happen to just be kind of obsessed, and read `em all. And I always find great, great writing at Johnny's Michigan blog, Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All Stars. Constantly thoughtful, I urge you to check it out.

*How this wasn't on the Blog Roll before I don't know, but somehow Jamie Mottram's blog, Mister Irrelevant, had slipped through the cracks. By now you surely know Jamie, who not only hosts the radio show Sports Bloggers Live, which he's been kind enough to have us on, but also writes a mean blog. You may also recall Jamie from last month's interview here at BON.

*And last but not least, one of the surest ways to get yourself planted on the BON Blog Roll is to write something nice about us, which Mr. A so graciously did over at Pitch Right, a Navy Midshipmen blog. The blog is relatively new, and still a touch raw, but one thing shines throughout every post: he's a genuine, totally enthusiastic fan of the game and his team. And I admire that.

*Lastly, just a note that in a move of utter pettiness and immaturity, we're retaliating against being removed from the `Pologist's Blog Roll. Oh, you can still find him listed in the blog roll on the right, but following the link will take you to the journalist he most reminds us of. So, there! Revenge of the petty!