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Morning Coffee

*<Movie Trailer Guy Voice>It started as an underground call to arms. It became a phenomenon overnight. Because what you don't preview can be dangerous. The Petition.</Movie Trailer Guy Voice>

SMQ has committed to previewing the Horns once we get 300 signatures. We're at 58 and counting already; I've no doubt we'll get there by C.O.B. today. If you haven't signed The Petition yet, do so now. If you have, please don't sign twice.

The unstated beauty of this whole affair is that Matt will be under intense pressure to produce the Sistine Chapel of previews. I have no doubt he'll be up to the task.

*Not much Longhorn news right now, but a former Longhorn made his season debut last night. Clemens was solid, if a little rusty, but the real story is the young Francisco Liriano, his counterpart for the Twins. Kid can pitch a little.

*The Gourds are in northern Virginia tonight. They're maybe the thing I miss most about Austin, so I'm super excited about tonight's show. If you're in Austin and haven't been to a Gourds show, check their tour calendar and get yourself to one this summer. You'll be hooked.

*With the U.S. officially out of the Cup, we'll cease giving many updates here on the blog; however, a reminder that links to great Cup coverage remain on the right column of the main page. Also, 54b has promised to share some diaries of his trip to Germany soon. Prepare to laugh your ass off.

*Work got in the way of Part 2 of the 2001 season review yesterday, but we'll definitely get to it today.