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Gourds Show

For the Gourds fans in the group, click through the "Read More" link for setlist, review, and pictures of the 6/23/06 show at the Birchmere, in Alexandria, Virginia.

First, the setlist:

Jesus Christ (With Signs Following)
Hookie Junk
County Orange
Illegal Oyster
Weather Woman
Blood of the Ram
Raining in Port Arthur
Big Santiago Bust
Claude's Lament
Ghosts of Hallelujah
Shake the Chandellier
Gin and Juice

That's mostly correct, but I know I missed a couple in there, and I was absolutely bombed by the time the encore came around and don't recall exactly what was played. They freaking wailed, though, that's for sure.

I want to say it's the best Gourds show I've ever been to, though my judgment may be partly clouded by the fact that it was my -first- Gourds show in nearly three years. The crowd was a pretty damn good one; especially good when you consider it was a show outside Texas. The band appeared to have a terrific time - better than usual - which is why I think they threw in the Gin and Juice at the end. Nobody in the crowd was calling for it, and I know it wasn't on their original setlist, which Kevin let me peek at before the show.

The guys sounded great, as good as ever, and their vault of songs to dip into has continued to grow, making the shows less predictable and wildly entertaining. They're getting a little bit older, but they still look and sound fresh. All in all it was a great show, maybe the best I've been to. I was so happy to see that they've not only kept things going through the years, but gotten better and better along the way.

Pregame. The beginning of the end.

Jimmy! He looks older. Still sounds great, though!

The gang jammin Ghosts of Hallelujah.

Kevin's weird. And still great.