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ESPY Nominations for Texas! Yay?

Sure. I guess.

The 2006 national title winning football team has garnered five "ESPY" nominations for their championship run and historic Rose Bowl performance. Here are the nominations for the 2006 football team, along with (in parentheses) the other nominees in the category. Following each nomination we'll break down the odds for taking home the least prestigious awards in all of sports.

Best Team: Texas Longhorns (Maryland women's hoops; Chicago White Sox; Pittsburgh Steelers; Miami Heat)

The Heat and Steelers weren't that dominant until the playoffs, and this can't possibly go to a women's basketball team, so Texas ought to win this. After all, we beat the Greatest Team Ever as anointed by ESPN.

Best Game: 2006 Rose Bowl (Astros vs Braves, Game 4 of the NLDS and James Blake vs Andre Agassi in the US Open)

This isn't even close. The Rose Bowl might have been the greatest college football game of all time, period. Still, could Agassi, retiring after this year's US Open, get the sentimental nod? Should we care? No, but whatever.

Best Male Athlete: Vince Young (Lance Armstrong, Shaun Alexander, Albert Pujols, Lebron James)

This one's gotta go to ESPY host Lance Armstrong.

Best Championship Performance: Vince Young (Dwyane Wade, Venus Williams - Wimbeldon, Sam Hornish Jr. - Indy 500)

Unless they're giving hardware to the referees, too, you gotta pass up Wade for Vince Young here.

Best Male College Athlete: Vince Young (Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, JJ Reddick, Adam Morrison)

Redemption for the Heisman mishap. Gotta be Young.

Two other Texas ties worth mentioning. Cat Osterman's up for an ESPY for Best Female Collegiate Athlete (um, yes), and former UT safety Nathan Vasher is up for Best Play for his 109 yard field goal return for a touchdown.
You can vote for the ESPY's here.