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Morning Coffee

*Orson's at it again. Today I direct to you to Tauntonomics 101, a complete guide to opponent tauntations and what not. Lots of terrific ammo for blasting away at our Big 12 foes. I know what you're thinking and yes, all them Aggies and Sooners and what not are just swimming around in a big barrel, but Orson gives you more than just a gun to shoot 'em with. So that's that.

*Congrats to Jake at Building the Dam. The Texas Longhorns are no longer defending champs in baseball; kudos to Oregon State for a terrific run, which included an amazing 6-0 in elimination games.

*The NBA draft is tomorrow night, and three Longhorns may get drafted. Aldridge will go in the lottery, while PJ Tucker and Daniel Gibson will aim to get drafted, period. Tucker's a lock to get selected, I think, but Gibson may not get a look on draft day. I suspect he will, but there's no guarantees.

*If you've not signed the petition yet, please do so. We're at 205 as of this morning. That won't cut it. COME ON!

*Coming up later today at BON: we'll conclude our look at the 2001 season with the exciting Holiday Bowl win over Washington. Major's Last Stand.