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Morning Coffee

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I'm healthy enough to be at work, which means I'm healthy enough to use their payroll dollars to entertain you. So let's get started.

*I neglected to mention this when I started World Cup linking, but Braves & Birds is providing some terrific Cup coverage. Along with Dodgy and SBN's Roll Bama Roll, you should have your proper football coverage covered.

*Our brethren over at Bruins Nation sometimes take some unfair criticism as merely being some sort of anti-USC shouting platform. That's a Straw Man if I've ever seen one. What I admire about BN is that they demand excellence, and if that requires the brutal, honest truth, so be it.

*The world would be a damn fine place if everyone were like Kyle. I really mean that.

*Doug's been wrestling with ambiguity - to love soccer or to scorn it. He's finally found one thing he loves about it. No disagreement here.

*I do encourage you to venture over to ESPN's College Football main page, where Ivan Maisel is feeling the Burnt Orange wave. Quite literally, he all but mentioned Burnt Orange Nation in today's 3-point stance; no doubt because of our little interview here on the blog. You can't see me, but I'm doing a pelvic thrust right now. I might get fired.

Ivan is getting aboard the Burnt Orange Express. Sort of.

*Lastly, EDSBS has an essay assignment for the CFB bloggers. We'll get to that later today.

*Oh, yeah, that petition thing. We're getting close. Finish it!