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Live Blog - Tonight! NBA Draft!

Normally a non-event, this year we could have -four- Longhorns drafted. Lamarcus Aldridge is pretty much a lock for a lottery pick - perhaps even #1 overall. Aldridge has been working out with Toronto's Chris Bosh. Toronto, we note, has the first pick.

Other Horns that may hear their names called: Daniel Gibson, Brad Buckman, PJ Tucker.

The hype starts at 6:00 p.m. Central Time on ESPN. God knows it'll take too long, but we'll have fun making fun of Jay Bilas, if nothing else.

Jay Bilas doesn't just love Duke! Goats, too!

Comment starter: how many times does Dickie V use the word "sensational" in hour number one? Over/under is at 45. Discuss.