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And We're Live

Welcome! After a tortuous cab ride home, I'm here...

Let's do this.

David Stern making opening remarks.

Live blog starts now...

Any thoughts on Aldridge's slot? I think he goes #2 to Chicago...

Update [2006-6-28 19:37:21 by HornsFan]: Erin watching Stephen A. Smith and, like the good Pistons fan that she is, notes skeptically, "I've heard this story before. Bargnani=Darko. Ugh... Dwyane Wade could've been a Piston."

Update [2006-6-28 19:39:2 by HornsFan]: The Raptors take Bargnani #1. Interesting. For those not watching on TV - he's the first European player ever taken #1. To be honest, he looks like me, except 10 inches taller. I'm 6'2" by the way.

Update [2006-6-28 19:40:9 by HornsFan]: Stephen A Smith says it's a good pick. Which means it's officially a bad pick. Ha!

Update [2006-6-28 19:41:37 by HornsFan]: Stuart Scott interviewing Bargnani now - if interviews are indicative of future success; this guy's Ryan Leaf.

Update [2006-6-28 19:45:5 by HornsFan]: Andy Katz reporting that Bulls will pick Aldridge and trade him to the Blazers. Not official yet, but Katz seems to think so... Stern talking now: Stern says, "Chicago Bulls select Lamarcus Aldridge from the University of Texas!"

Dan Patrick notes this is the highest a Texas player has ever been selected.

Goat-focker Bilas says Aldridge definitely going to the Blazers, as the Bulls really want Tyrus Thomas. Bilas says "Aldridge is a pussy down low. Just like me!"

Update [2006-6-28 19:47:49 by HornsFan]: ESPN has definitely assembled the All Douche Team for tonight. Stephen Smith, Jay Bilas, -and- Kenny Thomas? Hold your horses: it could get worse before it gets better. No Dickie V yet.

Update [2006-6-28 19:48:23 by HornsFan]: Ordering pizza. Back soon.

Update [2006-6-28 19:51:20 by HornsFan]: Charlotte takes Adam Morrison #3. Bill Simmons is upset. I like the pick, to be honest. Not sure how Morrison will develop, but he impresses me. He's got that tenacity, that will to score, a ridiculous competitive drive, and an ability to shoot with a hand in his face that's pretty much unrivaled in this draft. Kudos to Charlotte.

Update [2006-6-28 19:53:48 by HornsFan]: Stuart Scott talking diabetes with Morrison right now. Weird. "The More You Know."

Update [2006-6-28 19:55:19 by HornsFan]: Dickie V makes his first appearance. Quickly knocking Bargnani and Aldridge like they're bubble teams from major conferences. Why didn't a mid-major get drafted #1, baby! Unbelievable! Where's the justice, ba-bee!

Update [2006-6-28 19:56:23 by HornsFan]: As expected, the Blazers take Tyrus Thomas, and a trade is expected between Chicago and Portland. Thomas looks like a future prison dweller. Just a gut feeling.

Update [2006-6-28 19:56:56 by HornsFan]: Pizza break. Back shortly.

Update [2006-6-28 20:15:47 by HornsFan]: Back from pizza. As expected, the Hawks take Shelden Williams - Dickie V gets a boner. At #6 the T-Wolves take Brandon Roy. Love the pick; he looks NBA-ready to me. Jay Bilas loves his pecs. And the way he looks in a thong.

Update [2006-6-28 20:18:5 by HornsFan]: Stephen A. Smith has officially entered Instant-Mute territory. Even Pre-Emptive Mute - as in, Smith might talk next, HIT MUTE!

Update [2006-6-28 20:23:27 by HornsFan]: Celtics take Randy Foye at #7 and trade him to the Blazers for Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratliff. Interesting. I'm kind of a Telfair fan, for no good reason other than I saw some super-hyped And 1 video that made me drool.

Update [2006-6-28 20:27:29 by HornsFan]: The Rockets take Rudy Gay at #8. He's clearly got the skizzles - everyone wonders if he has "the drive." That seems like a bogus criticism. Either he's good enough or not. I dunno - I'm talking out loud here. The guy just finished his sophomore year. Think back to your sophomore year - how much of a doofus were you? Aha! Stephen A. Smith just criticized the pick - Gay is now a lock to succeed.

Update [2006-6-28 20:33:41 by HornsFan]: Golden State takes the tall center who had a nice tourney for Bradley University. Dan Patrick, clearly unprepared, says: "He wants to be a chef!" Um, Dan, I think he wants to be an NBA center.


Update [2006-6-28 20:40:8 by HornsFan]: Okay folks, we're taking a bit of a break. No Texas kids for a while now. And confusing trades raining down every which way. I'm gonna go buy some Shiner Bock and settle in for Round 2 when Texas' guys may get drafted.

Update [2006-6-28 20:46:52 by HornsFan]: SHOCKER! DICKIE V THINKS JJ REDDICK IS UNDERVALUED! Yay, Orlando! Way to go!

BON: May he have as succesful a career as Grant Hill...

Update [2006-6-28 21:13:24 by HornsFan]: I am super bored. We'll check back in when there's some Texas news.


Update [2006-6-28 22:58:21 by HornsFan]: PJ Tucker is drafted in Round 2, #35 overall! PJ is now a Toronto Raptor! Um, okay. I'll cheer for them.

All the talking heads had lovely things to say about PJ, for what that's worth. I'm happy for PJ and will absolutely root for him. Now we wait for Gibson and Buckman, though I'm not totally sure that either will hear their name today...


Update [2006-6-28 23:11:22 by HornsFan]: Quick, answer: what's the best thing that could ever happen to Daniel Gibson? If you answered "Get drafted next to Lebron James," you'd be the big winner. And with the #42 pick overall, in Round 2, Cleveland takes Daniel Gibson. Congratulations to D-Gib and best of luck to him with his new employers. Dare I get greedy and hope to hear Brad Buckman's name tonight? (Note that "hear" is relative, as I've been on mute for the last two hours.)