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Morning Coffee

*The NBA Draft may be even more boring than the NFL draft. Nay, it is more boring. I attempted to entertain with a live blog, but quickly bored. Here's all you really need to know:

Aldridge drafted #2 to Chicago; traded to Portland.
Tucker drafted #35 to Toronto.
Gibson drafted #42 to Cleveland.

Congrats to all three Horns.

(If you're in the market for video of the picks, head over to Mean Horn.)

*The Wiz with some interesting conference realignment news. Here's to guessing Colorado doesn't want any more of Texas.

*Lots of terrific Blog Poll answers. The one dearest to my own heart? Orange 44, of all people. Turns out we share a love for The Natural, US Curling, and Austin. Who knew?

*You may remember Lincoln's interview with incoming kicker Hunter Lawrence. I direct you now to the video. Nice work, Lincoln. I look forward to the day when he's officially announcing Texas games.

*Great news for left fielder Carson Kainer - his father's kidney is a match. Keep Carson in your prayers.

*On that note, keep Peter Gammons in your prayers, too. That man fueled my love for baseball as much as anyone. May he recover fully, quickly.

*I'm enjoying Ivan Maisel's series picking the greatest to ever wear various jersey numbers. He rightly selects Vince Young as the best to ever don the #10. I think it's safe to say no one will ever top him. Ricky Williams a runner-up at #34. Check out the studs who've worn #25. Jamaal Charles has an outside chance of getting in the discussion here. He's already got one national title, after all...

*We do a decent job keeping you up to date on all the recruiting news, but let me take this opportunity to thank GoHorns (John Swofford) and patienthornsfan for their outstanding work in the gallery keeping tabs on all the latest. We definitely notice. And appreciate it. Thank you both.

*If you haven't signed the petition yet, do it. I'm not gonna quit bugging you until you do. So let's get it over with. We need only 62 more signatures.