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Baseball Takes on Wolfpack

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Through four and a half innings, the Horns hold a 2-1 lead over NC State in an elimination game of the Austin Regional. Adrian Alaniz has been sharp thus far, giving up only one run on a solo dinger. The Horns, meanwhile, have picked up 2 runs on 3 hits, all in the first inning. Since the 1st inning, though, the Horns have yet to get another hit.

I'll keep you updated, or you can listen live online like I am.

Hook 'Em Horns!

Update [2006-6-4 14:37:33 by HornsFan]: NC State just tied the game 2-2 with an RBI double in the 6th. Runners still on 2nd and 3rd base, nobody out. Uh oh.

Update [2006-6-4 14:38:45 by HornsFan]: Sacrifice fly makes it 3-2 NC State. Runner on 2nd, one out.

Update [2006-6-4 14:56:40 by HornsFan]: Horns come to bat in the bottom of the 7th trailing 3-2. Crowd is trying to ignite a rally with a "Texas! Fight!" chant. The Horns haven't scored since the 1st inning.

Update [2006-6-4 15:1:25 by HornsFan]: Back to back doubles from Carson Kainer and Hunter Harris have tied the game 3-3! Texas now has the go ahead run at 2nd base with just one out! GO HORNS!

Update [2006-6-4 15:4:45 by HornsFan]: The Horns don't get anything else out of the 7th, but broke through for the tying run against Gib Hobson. We head to the 8th inning, tied at 3-3.

Update [2006-6-4 15:20:28 by HornsFan]: After NC State got two runners on with just one out, Randy Boone struck out Caleb Mangum, but allowed a two-run single to Jonathan Diaz. The Wolfpack lead 5-3, still with two outs in the top of the 8th.

Update [2006-6-4 15:35:45 by HornsFan]: Last chance for Texas. Bottom of the 9th, down 6-3. Stubbs, Wheeler, and Kainer set to bat. LET'S GO HORNS!

Update [2006-6-4 15:40:47 by HornsFan]: The Horns go down in order in the 9th. Texas loses 6-3 and is eliminated from the NCAA Championship. Congratulations to Texas on a strong season, but as Augie always says, we measure the success of a season in Austin by national championships. In that respect, this team wasn't quite good enough. A strong team, but not a great one. Kyle McCulloch's struggles down the stretch hurt Texas' chances of making a deep postseason run. As such, Stanford and NC State will battle to win the Austin regional.