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The Truth of the Matter

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Baseball is done. Cat's -career- is done. Football is news-less for a while now. And hoops is in full hibernation. That begs an obvious question for a Texas Longhorns fan site: what're we gonna do for the next three months?

I've been kicking around a bunch of ideas for how to keep the content fresh and interesting. A few things I'm certain we'll be offering regularly:

*Outside voices on topics of interest. We brought in Chip Brown and Kirk Bohls, and we have several other interesting (and big) names lined up for the near future.

*Guest articles from fellow bloggers. Of particular interest to me right now is getting a perspective from the folks at Georgia and Tennessee on the topic of playing two quarterbacks. Keep your eye out for that.

Beyond chatting about obvious stories of local and national interest, though, I'm undecided on what kind of content might be enjoyable for you guys. I'd certainly appreciate any input and suggestions on what you'd like to see.

One idea I'm particularly enthusiastic about, but would want to gage others' reaction about is a Burnt Orange Nation Book Club for the summer. We'd take 2-4 books, buy them, discuss them. Clearly, it wouldn't be like Oprah's book club. We won't try to empower ourselves, or learn how to become more functional members of society. Mostly, we'd just indulge our pleasures. Yeah: sports books. I just bought Friday Night Lights, and if others wanted to read along with me (or re-read it for the many of you who already have), I think it would be a lot of fun. I've managed to avoid the movie so far, so that's good. Also, any fellow bloggers that are reading this that might be interested, email me and we can discuss a way to do this collaboratively, with all our readers.

Any and all site content suggestions are welcomed. I've said over and over that this site's, and by extension, SBN's, quality, is due to the format for community building and reader participation. Now, more than ever, I look forward to your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.