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Morning Coffee

*If SMQ gave the Highfalutin `Pologist the quantitative smackdown last week, EDSBS flips them the qualitative bird this week. Terrificly funny.

*TBone comes down from his acid trip long enough to paddle back at 54b. He doesn't disappoint.

*One of my personal quirky pleasures is ambiguous news headlines. Found today on "Former Buff pleads guilty to ethnic intimidation"  I'm imagining a supremely athletic African American holding a basketball over Billy Crystal's head, cackling, "Jump, Billy! Jump! You gotta -want- that ball!" Sorry. I'm weird.

*"Team Brady Quinn" (their words, not mine) is already shopping for agents. What is it with Notre Dame right now? Gross. The Charlie Weiss era is already -really- obnoxious. Charlie Weiss, in fact, is now responsible for two ridiculously annoying eras. The Tom "Oh, gosh, I hate attention, yes that's me on the cover of GQ" Brady era, and now the resurgence of Notre Dame? Sigh....  I'll say it: I want a piece of the Irish. Here's to hoping we can meet in the BCS somehow.