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Morning Coffee

*CFNews breaks out an interesting study of the most overrated teams of the last 35 years. Texas checks in at #10, but all the big letdown seasons came pre-Mack Brown. Take out his tenure, CFN notes, and the Horns would have a disastrous preseason versus actual ratio. (Hat Tip: RBR)

*OMG, you guys are literate! Thanks to everyone who's been contributing to this terrific thread. Lots of good recommendations to fill the summer. Based on the enthusiasm of response, I'll definitely consider more literary content for the long summer ahead.

*In a bit of a surprise, the Horns picked up a commitment from Aledo, TX defensive end Michael Wilcoxon. Apparently he impressed the coaches at Sunday's camp, and made his commitment on Monday. Interesting.

*In other recruiting news, Mack also extended an offer to Dallas Skyline star Christian Scott, a defensive back. This class is filling up fast. Mr. February has become Mr. June. Craziness.

*Several new classic additions to the Blog Pong match between 54b and TBone Stallone, as each aims to offend as many as possible while spitting out a good 50+ clever pop culture references in each post. 54b, for his part, smacked one of the single best lines I've seen anywhere:

You see, TB, he's just a different breed. Every man wants to be him and every woman wants to know if the child they're carrying is his. But nobody will ever tame that beast. No, his heart is empty and he is destined to wander the land aimlessly, slapping the pimps and jocking the hos. Cupid tried to shoot T-Bone with an arrow once, but TB dodged it and then skull-f*cked the chubby little deity half to death. And that's why love is blind.


*EDSBS with more comic gold: today's fun featuring PowerPoint! Orson breaks down Nebraska in downloadable Power Point. Reminds me of one of my favorite New Yorker cartoons:

*Further proof that NCAA amateur rules are ridiculous.