Biggest game in Austin, ever?

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Not that the Texas vs. Ohio State game needs any more hype, but here's a little question du jour for ya?

Will it be the biggest game ever to take place at Memorial Stadium in Austin?

Things to consider:

  • All the epic battles with OU over the years have taken place in Dallas, the "Game of Century" with Arkansas was in Fayetteville and most other big games were Bowl games.  
  • The last time two Top 5 teams met in Austin was 1970 (#1 Texas 42, #4 Arkansas 7)
  • Since 1970, two Top 10 teams have only met five times in Austin:
1978 (#8 Texas 28, #3 Arkansas 21)
1978 (#6 Texas 7, #8 Houston 10)
1980 (#10 Texas 23, #6 Arkansas 17)
1996 (#6 Texas 24, #9 Notre Dame 27)
2005 (#2 Texas 52, #10 Texas Tech 17) Not even sure this should count.
  • The AP and Coaches polls probably won't penalize Texas for losing VY as much as the preseason prognosticators have. Especially with the coaches, they don't take you down in the poll until somebody knocks you off. So it wouldn't be out of the question for Texas to come into the season ranked in the top 5. And I think it's a done deal that tOSU comes in #1 or #2.
  • I don't think college football has ever been more popular or more closely covered than it has been in the last 10 years. Case and point, preseason magazines started coming out in May.
  • Last year, it was #2 Texas at #4 Ohio State...even if the two teams aren't as highly ranked this year, the game could be bigger because there's history between the two teams (and the fans). Anticipation for this year's game started the second after the game at The Shoe ended.
  • The hype for this game will kick into overdrive around August 1 providing six weeks of build-up. Besides mabye Miami/FSU, no other game in the first month of the season really compares, so this one will get all the talk.
  • The game is at night ("Oh yeah, Mr. Officer, I'm sotally tober.")
  • For those scalping Tickets, prepare to be butt-trucked...anything between the 20's will probably command four digits and the worst ticket in the house will most likely garner some where in the $300 or $400s.
  • Texas is the defending National Champion on a 21-game winning streak while Ohio State is considered by many to be the favorite to win it all this year...enough said.
No doubt there have been some very memorable games played in Austin over the past 30 years. After watching #14 Texas destroy #3 Houston in 1990 (Shock the Nation), I never thought I'd see Memorial Stadium more on fire. The electricity that night was unreal. But I don't think it's even going to measure on the Rictor Scale in comparison to the quake that's coming Sept. 9. About the only way 2006 Texas vs. Ohio State could be any bigger is if VY had stayed. Then it most likely would have been #1 vs. #2.

Biggest game in Austin ever?  

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