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Since It's Gettin' Around Anyway

I saw it first at Deadspin, which was a link to Hater Nation, and now it's popped up over at Mountain Lair... Which means it'll pop up several other places and some of you will wonder what's going on.

The Tennessee Titans' Pacman Jones has made it known he's taking Vince Young "under his wings." For the unitiated, that could be interpreted, um, poorly, considering Jones' tumultuous first year in the league (lots o' off field problems). But before we freak out and link Vince Young to some sort of Nashville Inner Thug Circle, let's make sure we take a peek at the original source. Turns out Jones is just trying to help the talented rookie -avoid- the same mistakes that he made.

Good enough for me. Vince is a good kid; I wouldn't worry.

Countdown to snarling, judgmental commentary from Pro Football Talk at 3... 2... 1... How 'bout another Uncle Rico joke, fellas? It was funny the 38th time... I swear.