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Morning Coffee

Powered by a some promising news, on to the notes:

*We're actually going to keep it light today, as I want to spend some more time on ranking philosophy. We've opened the discussion below with a quick and dirty stab at the Preseason Top 10, but it's really a vehicle to get a dialogue going about -how- teams should be ranked in the first place.

We're off to a nice start, with lots of good points being made. Please keep the dialogue going in the below post. Again, the issues:

--As arbitrary as preseason rankings sometimes seem to be, they do matter, to some degree.
--Given that, how should we be thinking about ranking teams? Should we be forecasting success for the year (e.g. trying to rank based on projected Ws and Ls)? Or should we strictly limit our rankings to who the -best- teams are, in our eyes?
--The former seems more practical, given today's college football reality; the latter seems more ideologically pure.

Your thoughts are encouraged. Please add them to the Top 10 post below. Or start it up again in this post, if you prefer.