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Morning Coffee

Powered by this weekend's trip to New York, on to the notes:

*Former Texas fullback Ahmard Hall has signed with the Titans, joining Vince Young.

*Ever wonder how they write those preseason mags, anyway? The Orlando Sentinel helps you out.

*The Texas hoops team continues its quest to play not a single player from last year's squad: AJ Abrams hurts his foot in a pickup game.

*And last, but not least, a big time congratulations and welcome to our own Paragon SC, who has launched the USC blog for Sports Blog Nation! Go check out Conquest Chronicles today, and send Jim your best!

Not too much else for you today as I get ready to take the train up to New York. Between SCI at Radio City Music Hall, my first ever game at Yankee Stadium, and a wild going away party, don't expect much on the site until Monday, I'm afraid.

Have a great weekend, everyone.