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Bill Callahan, Gerrymanderer!

While Orson's off for a week vacationing, he's asked me, SMQ, and PWD from Georgia Sports to fill in the void with some guest blogging. I'll be posting some of this week's posts over at EDSBS as well.

It's not just Nebraska football that's hoping for a new look these days (and yes, by new look I do mean fielding a nationally relevant football team). No, the whole state may be in for a change if new Recruiting Coordinator Shawn Watson has his way.

From the Omaha World-Herald:

Take a map of the central United States and stick your finger on Nebraska's capital city. Measure 500 miles in each direction. The resulting circle includes population centers such as Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Oklahoma City. Shawn Watson has a name for this area. He calls it the "state of Nebraska football."

The new state of Nebraska!

Oh, and what a state it would be. Besides the inevitable boom in football recruiting for the Huskers, can you imagine the political elections as bumbling corn farmers argue with hockey-playing Minneapolites? The late Paul Welstone and Tom Coburn in a UFC battle/debate? The potential for fun is endless.

Of course, while gerrymandering is easier than ever these days, we do think we have an easier solution for Nebraska: Win a few football games. It's not like the Big 12 North isn't there for the taking.