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Morning Coffee

*Congratulations to Cat Osterman and the women's US softball team, who won the World Cup of Softball by defeating Japan. The victory was especially sweet for Osterman, after her struggles in Big 12 championships in Oklahoma City, where the World Cup was held. Osterman struck out 11 batters in the 5-2 victory.

Cat Osterman: World Champ

*The Nittany Line notes that Big 10 football games were being officiated by a partially blind man.

*Kyle's back, and getting out his early Top 10, which looks a lot like our own first stab.

*And lastly, "previews" Texas. Honestly, if you're reading this site regularly, you won't learn -anything- new from it. You will, however, note that either the preview was written a long time ago or the author is simply unaware that Ramonce Taylor was arrested on felony drug possession. And they wonder why more and more fans are turning to blogs covering their favorite teams?