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BCS Favorable To Big 12?

BCS Title Game Apperances By Conference
Conference Appearances Record
SEC 2 2-0
Big 10 1 1-0
Big 12 5 2-3
Big East 3 1-2
ACC 3 1-2
Pac 10 2 1-1


A few things to consider. First, the ACC and Big East have changed quite a bit. The ACC has improved dramatically, while the Big East has taken a step back. The Big 12 stands out, of course, with Texas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma showing up in 5 of the last 6 title games. Is there something about the Big 12 that makes it easier to reach the BCS title game? It?s worth asking.

The Big 10 has proven to be enormously difficult to master over the last eight seasons. Only one team, Ohio State in 2002, managed to do so ? and even they were fortunate to win several close games.

There?s not too much to draw from this small sample size of data, but it provides some interesting fodder for discussion.