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Morning Coffee

*The Austin American-Statesman has a nice roundup of Texas slotting in the various preseason magazines. To sum:

Phil Steele's 1. Oklahoma 2. Auburn 3. Louisville 5. Texas

Sporting News 1. Notre Dame 2. Ohio State 3. Auburn 7. Texas

Athlon 1. Oklahoma 2. Notre Dame 3. USC 7. Texas

Lindy's 1. Notre Dame 2. Ohio State 3. West Virginia 4. Texas

Street & Smith's 1. Ohio State 2. West Virginia 3. Texas

Insiders' 1. Oklahoma 2. Auburn 3. Louisville 5. Texas

Did you know? This is useful information from the Statesman, but guess which magazine - not listed above - has the best track record for picking teams in the preseason over the last 20 years?

Yup: Playboy. Just tuck away that little nugget for the Mrs. the next time she says you're not reading it for the articles.

*I'm a day late on this, but in case you haven't gotten to it yet, Brian's begun his 50 Most Loathsome People In Sports feature, which is first rate. No arguments in #41-50.

*Speaking of Simmons... There are times when I'm primed to write a post and, before I can get around to it, somebody else nails the topic so completely that there's nothing further to be added. Queue: Michael. Couldn't agree more.

*ACC and Boston College fans would do well to check in regularly with Eagle in Atlanta. Goodies galore.