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Big 12 Media Day

The Big 12 media members have spoken, and the consensus is? Oklahoma? Yes, the Sooner Schooner bandwagon is picking up steam again, as media members apparently believe healthy Adrian Peterson + semi-not-retarded Rhett Bomar = Big 12 south title. Les votes (first place votes in parentheses):

Big 12 Media Votes
Team Vote Points
1. Oklahoma (23) 160
2. Texas (5) 144
3. Texas Tech 106
4. Texas A&M 81
5. Oklahoma State 49
6. Baylor 46

What?s interesting is that these same media members also gathered their collective wisdom to select a preseason All Big 12 team. Six Longhorns ? three on offense (Charles, Blalock, Studdard) and three on defense (Griffin, Crowder, Okam) ? made the first team All Big 12. Only two Sooners made the list, though - Peterson on offense and Rufus Alexander on defense.

Throw in the fact that the Oklahoma offensive line is questionable, at best, problematic, at worst, and one wonders why the media thinks the Sooners will be the Big 12 South champs. It?s all meaningless preseason speculation, and not worth losing any sleep over, but I?m not buying the Sooner preseason arguments just yet. Texas has question marks of their own, so Oklahoma very well could be your Big 12 South champs, but when you take the rosters two deep from top to bottom, I?d much rather have the Horns.

Can we start this party already?